The Conundrum of Customer Satisfaction

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How Do You Get Actionable Feedback from C-Sat Measurements?

Just ask the simple question about how a company is doing with customer satisfaction, and you’ll get the universal, knee-jerk response. Almost without fail, marketers say, “YES, we measure customer satisfaction”. Well, that’s good – sort of. When you then ask what they have learned about how well they are doing with their customers, usually you get a blank stare. “We’re not sure”, or “We haven’t looked in a while”. But the concern you hear most often is that response rates are low –  so low that it’s hard to tell – and the lack of actionable feedback

Unfortunately, in business, they don’t grade on a curve. This is no joke. The real reason for doing customer satisfaction queries is to get a predictive report on how you’re doing with those people who are the lifeblood of your company and to understand how you can do better.  If you’re in a consumer-facing business, you may use a simple tool like Net Promoter Score (NPS). At least it’s short enough to get a reasonably high response rate, connected to a recent encounter.  But even for B2C marketers, it still falls short of providing much insight to the factors that drive customer satisfaction.

In B2B, with complex solutions and relationships, it’s a different story. In 2017, it’s accepted gospel that sales and marketing efforts must relate in a meaningful way with multiple influencers within the customer organizations. You need measurements that can accurately assess such complexity, leading to actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Reading the pulse of multiple end users and stakeholders in a deep and relevant way is the most valuable market intelligence you’ll get from any source. This is not a box to be checked – it’s a view into a world you think you know, but of which you have really only begun to scratch the surface. This is the time to get serious about learning all you can about your valued customers. And what you may learn can give you the keys to drive everything you do. So, uncheck the box, it’s time to get started on your path to measuring and understanding true customer satisfaction.

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