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So is it that simple?

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The true value proposition from Win-Loss Analysis

Win-Loss Analysis is the best method for truly understanding buying decisions and customer behavior around recent deals. Simply put, it’s the most effective way to channel these voice-of-the-customer insights in a way that really enables measurable improvement in sales win-rates.

In actual practice, it’s really an entire sphere of activity – including some rigorous analysis by the research partner, coupled with focused introspection by the company.

This focused introspection goes beyond the question about why you lost this group of deals. Win-Loss Analysis is at its best when it is supporting an intentional change process, aimed at improving performance in a measurable way. A well thought out and successfully implemented program has significant ownership by a leader in the sponsoring company.

To recap, the simple formula is:

  • Win-Loss Analysis starts with a company that seriously wants to improve sales results, and willing to do the work to get there
  • An experienced third party to manage the program and engage with customers is essential
  • Success comes out of a strong collaboration between the company and the research partner
  • Someone in the sponsor company needs to own the change management piece for ultimate success

It’s a team sport, where if there’s great collaboration and execution, the team wins.

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