Sales Win-Loss Analysis

Know why you win and lose new business and renewals

If you’re serious about winning, you need to understand why you lose. Then you’re able to make the right changes and refine your approach. The 1st Resource Action Insights to WinSM goes beyond simply why you won or lost a group of deals. Get powerful behind-the-scenes insights for understanding what’s truly driving success or failure with the new business and renewal contracts that matter most. More importantly, we’ll show you a road map for increasing your wins in the future.

Find Answers to Your Potential Questions with 1st Resource Action Insights to WinSM

Why didn’t we close that important deal?

Why did we really win that deal?

What is our prospect or customer really thinking?

How can we improve our win-loss ratio on the deals that matter?


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Win more effectively with Action Insights to WinSM Win-Loss Analysis

  • Validate the things that the company is doing right – know why you win
  • Get to the hidden “why” of customer decisions
  • Feed your efforts to align sales and marketing
  • Generate key insights and a roadmap for a higher win-rate in closing deals

Action Insights to WinSM offers insights to the transaction process. It can be used independently or paired with the Customer Loyalty MonitorSM Customer Satisfaction program which focuses on the on-going established customer relationship. The two programs together comprise the 1st Resource Integrated Customer InsightsSM program which offers a comprehensive view of your customer through their full customer journey.

Recognized as an industry leader in Win-Loss Analysis, 1st Resource has conducted thousands of Win-Loss interviews across more than a dozen industries. Our proprietary Social Intelligence MethodSM infuses customer awareness with an in-depth knowledge of social psychology and behavioral economics. This powerful methodology reveals actionable insights by uncovering elusive but impactful customer decision-making dynamics.

With 20 years of market research experience and a research team of experts with real world experience, 1st Resource develops actionable customer-based insights that help you make informed business decisions with more confidence.

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1st Resource is like an extension of our team. It’s not just data; they provide answers.S.J., VP, Customer Experience, global healthcare analytics company

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